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Now lets find out the age of our universe as per the vedas.

Here is the result of the research I did over the internet and dug up through some text material I had, to find the accurate meaning of time measurements specified in the vedas.

This is one number which no modern theory can even come anywhere near to it.

As we saw earlier a day of Brahma has 2000 Maha Yugas (day night).

So either modern science still has a long way to go in estimating the age of our universe OR the universe mentioned in vedas is the mother of all universes (a multiverse probably) including our own universe !!!

More interesting: Vedas also say that the average human life span in each yuga is as follows: Kali Yuga = 100 Years Dwapara Yuga = 200 Years Treta Yuga = 300 Years Satya Yuga = 400 Years ! Vedas are also implying by this that humans are not limited to planet earth nor to this universe alone.

Modern day science has been able to predict age of our universe to be only about 15-20 billion years!

Moreover Since we are in the first day of 51st year of Brahma, almost equal amout of time has to pass before this universe ends!!

Vishnu represents the eternity that lies beyond our universe which has no birth or death and that which is eternal! Vedas say that thousands of brahmas have passed away!