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Bb dating apps

Back in June, Pay Pal announced it was rolling out a feature where users could also send money in a matter of minutes — but it will cost you 25 cents per transaction.

Another feature pulling Zelle ahead of other money transfer apps, such as Google Wallet and Square Cash, is the ability to receive the apps the money right away.

Linking to your debit card is also the reason Zelle is a lot less of a hassle when it comes to setting up your card through the app.

With Venmo, you have to go through the process of adding your routing number on top of your debit card — and let’s be honest, who really has their routing number on hand?

If the person you’re sending money to isn’t enrolled in Zelle, they’ll receive a text message or notification guiding them through steps to start their own profile.

When I tried it with a co-worker, I sent money from the app to his phone number and after two business days, it was still pending.

If you’re planning on trying Zelle — specifically because you want to send money instantaneously that day — you might want to plan ahead.

The website does state that in order to verify bank accounts, it’ll take up to three business days.

But when I sent it to his email address instead, it was sent to his account right away. When you do send money, you can keep track of your transactions through the Activity tab.