Start Benefits of dating older women jokes

Benefits of dating older women jokes

Another important reason is because of the "life experiences and maturity that comes with it," says Arjun, an architect, who's dated a woman 8 years older to him, and what he found immensely attractive.

He knows what he wants and if you're not it, he won't waste yours or his time.

If he wants to talk to you, he will text or call you. Because he is older than you, he's been where you're at and can relate to what you are going through. An older man is confident with himself and trusts you.

Typically, older gentlemen can carry on great intellectual conversations. He's most likely more well-read than a college boy who plays video games all day. If you're worried about judgment and you really do love each other for the right reasons, most people will eventually accept your relationship and if they don't, you don't need those people in your life.

Here is a list of the perks we have: Let's face it.

Miss Independent: Nothing is more off-putting than someone who constantly needs and demands attention.

Having come into her own - financially and emotionally - an older woman is happy doing her own thing sans drama. Spontaneous Sam: What could be more exciting than a bout of spontaneity during what is an otherwise staid routine?

When a guy can't keep up with her as she discusses the news, debates the merits of legal reforms, and cracks sarcastic, witty jokes, she notices that she immediately gets turned off.