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Musical was writtten by legendary members of Queen band Brian May and Roger Taylor, who specially arrived to Moscow to participate in actor castings and gave Mariam the leading role. If they have doubts in the song, they may keep it privat.

Jass, Blues, Fusion - this is the music that depict sould of the singer. Eurovision is first of all big pan-European holiday.

- I need to say first of all - we were not writing any song specially for "Eurovision".

In 2004 Mariam gets unique suggestion from Russian producers to participate in a new project "We will rock you" the musical. authors of the song doesn't show the members of expert council in a good light.

Next year Mariam enters Pop-Jazz department of Gnesiny college at vocal speciality. Wrong first all all because this opinion is immediately published by all websites working with contest, including foreign ones, and negative aura is created for the song, which may influence in the final result. I think that Dima Bilan can cope with any song...", this is possibly said for the case result will be good. - So you don't support the opinion of expert council which has selected Dima Bilan? Dima is real professional and he proved that again during studio recording session.

For example, vice-president of MTV Russia Ilya Bachurin has stated the following: "The song we've been listening to, it was mid tempo, not up tempo, and I think this was the biggest problem, and I don't like it.

Interview with Karen Kavaleryan, lyricist of English version of the song, famous Russian hitmaker, one of the few authors in country who writes lyrics in two languages, has already presented his song at Eurovision four years ago: - After the announcement of the Russian selection result, some official persons from the expert council have made some declarations that song "Never Let You Go", which Dima Bilan will present at Eurovision contest in Athens is not in the format of the contest.

At that year something that completely changed her life happened. - Unfortunately, I'm not 20 years old, I have different temperament, and I rather simply take the fact that someone dislikes what I do, in this sense I'm rather thick-skinned.