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Dating in married wisconsin

If the applicants are getting married in Wisconsin, but NEITHER of them have lived in Wisconsin for the past 30 days, they must apply in person in the County where the ceremony will be performed.

Both applicants must provide a certified copy of their birth certificate. This can be a driver's license, ID card, bank statement, or bill with current address. If either applicant was previously married, they must show how the marriage ended and what date it ended on.

The birth certificate cannot have pictures of footprints on them or pictures of the hospital, as these are hospital certificates not birth certificates. Examples would be certified death certificates or certified copies of divorce papers.

The following information answers most questions, but if there are any issues not covered, please contact the Douglas County Clerk’s Office at (715) 395-1569.

Marriage application appointments are accepted Monday - Friday, am - pm daily.

After the ceremony has taken place, the officiant must file the license at the Register of Deeds Office at 1313 Belknap Street, Room 108, Superior, within three days of the ceremony.

Wisconsin residents who will be getting married in Wisconsin must apply at the County Clerk's Office in the County where one of the applicants has lived for the past 30 days.

Legal guardians must be present at the time of the application and must provide proof of custody. If we need to reprint the license after the time of your appointment for any reason there is a reprint fee of $5.00.

There are no refunds and we cannot accept out-of-state checks.

The fee for a certificate of marriage is $100 (cash or check, no card accepted). The day of application is not included in the waiting period.

If the fifth day lands on a weekend or holiday, the license will be issued on the next business day.

For persons in the military, the $25 fee may be waived.

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