Start Dating noblet clarinet

Dating noblet clarinet

This allowed young or injured infgers/hands to play the clarinet without worry of having to cover all the toneholes.

One thing to watch over time was the location of the pivot location of the C#/G# key as it started below the upper key rods. Noblet buffet-like emblem at least since 1940’s to 1962 SN# 267C (top) Known as Model 40.

Some model 40’s had ebonite bells and those ones were later known as Model 27s after the emblem change. NOTE: apparently the 27s did not have ebonite bells and had bores similar to the L27s – still researching (1/25/2011).

One or the other of them was supposedly lying around the Paris factory as late as the 1970s, but no sign of them has been seen or heard since.

I don’t know when they started using this emblem .. Noblet emblem has the double diamond, thus a newer emblem.

As you can see there was an evolution of the emblem. One the early 40’s the throat keys shared a post (3 total).

The top emblem is the earliest and has a very simple music lyre at the top. Noblet in the oval The middle emblem has the D in the music lyre and Noblet in the oval. On later models they had dedicated posts (4 total)Noblet Super 40 – no information.

But just in case you run across one at least we know the mythical beast exists.