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As this story was being written, the entire Doo Dah fleet was performing a mass exodus from Pittsburg Marina, bound for Boyd's Harbor on Bethel Island, where Peter Yates is standing by to host a beach party. Friday morning, the Oregon State Police received a report of a beached sailboat in Newport.

The Delta Doo Dah Deux kicked off Friday afternoon at a great potluck-cum-skippers' meeting hosted by Tradewinds Sailing Club and Marina Bay Yacht Harbor.

Held on Tradewinds' sheltered patio, Doo Dah'ers had one last chance to see just what they'd be missing — or, rather, Walking the docks at Marina Bay the next morning, we saw more than one sailor decked out in full foulie gear — but they wouldn't need it for very long.

The sailor was taken to an area hospital to be treated for hypothermia. Island Planet Sails has been quietly making waves in the sailing community since 2004.

The company rarely advertises, letting the high-quality, superbly-designed sails carry the mantra of “no hype, no glossy ads, unbeatable values.” Relying on repeat and referral customers rather than advertising campaigns allows owner Dave Benjamin to keep overhead low and pass on the savings.

Here's a snapshot of what they've been up to since: "After eight months in American Samoa we happily departed Pago Pago and romped 345 miles SSW to Vava'u, Tonga in 52 hours of broad-reach sailing. We re-connected with lots of old friends and made some new ones, caught a bucket of squid and ate lots of fresh fish, roasted several pigs under coconut trees, went cave diving and even got up close and real personal with a humpback whale. "We departed Tonga three weeks ago and threaded our way through the reef-infested islands of Fiji's Lau group of islands and arrived in Lautoka on the western side of Viti Levu 561 miles, six fish and 99 hours after departing from Tonga.

We concluded that none of the charted navigational aids (lights) are functioning in Fiji, so night passages were just a tad stressful.

While we'd like to say we special ordered the perfect conditions, we can't take Thanks to a strong flood that lasted all day, boats reached their destinations quickly, some breaking off for Benicia or Glen Cove Marina, while others took advantage of their speed to make it closer to Pittsburg Marina, site of the Welcome to the Delta party.

Those who didn't head directly to Pittsburg were treated to some tricky navigating due to a speed-waterskiing competition on New York Slough, but everyone eventually made it in time for the party.

Much of our South Pacific coverage lately has been dedicated to French Polynesia, where newly arrived westbound cruisers get their first introduction to life in the tropics below the equator. Some head to the Cook Islands, and others, like the Mc George family, head to the Samoan Islands.

As reported here earlier, Kirk, Kath and their son Stuart (aka Aye) survived a massive tsunami there aboard their Hylas 47 , then found jobs and lingered. We spent nearly two months and anchored at 20 spots around the Vava'u group.

, and featured all the fixin's from Dad's BBQ and the Mike Osborn Band playing some kickin' blues and rock.