Start Emily maynard and arie dating

Emily maynard and arie dating

According to the source, Luyendyk Jr., who currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, had been in a relationship with Sydney Stempfley for over a year, but broke up with her just two nights before the announcement so he could do the show.

Turns out, he used to date Cassie Lambert, a producer of who, clearly, was involved in the selection of Emily’s potential suitors.

Cassie and Arie’s romance has long been over and Cassie’s currently engaged to another producer on the show – but the strange fact that her ex was cast can’t be ignored.

“We’re enjoying our time together.” star, “but he was all like, ‘I just turned 30, and I’m not ready,’” she adds. It’s been only one month since her engagement to Ben ended, but Courtney Robertson insists she never planned to move on so quickly.

“I didn’t want to jump from one public relationship to another,” the 28-year-old admits, “but Arie and I get along, and I’m not going to let that get away.” “Arie makes me laugh so hard, and he’s adorable, so I’m just going with it." No word if Ben Flajnik and Emily Maynard are also gonna hook up now.

Or is Courtney playing the media again to get her name out there now that her sham of a romance with Ben is over?

has weighed in on Jef Holm's recent tweet, in which the latter threw a shade at him by betting "5k" if Arie "lasts 1 year with anyone." Appearing on Access Live, the 36-year-old auto racing driver/realtor, didn't seem to be fazed by his former "The Bachelor" castmate's salty tweet.

Of course, this is all presumptive thinking anyway.

We have no idea if Arie has developed an edge in the last half-decade, or how the pool of ladies will be.

Whoever can perpetually keep a middle part down that mess of a hairstyle and thinks it actually looks good, must have a huge set of you-know-what.

You would think two huge egos would get along and live happily ever after, but no…the world isn’t big enough to hold both of their egos at the same time without exploding. Can this new romance between Courtney and Arie be true love?

You know, that's kind of a question for him more than me." During Monday night, January 1, premiere of "The Bachelor", Jeef took to Twitter to take a jab at Arie.