Start Julie dating desperate housewives

Julie dating desperate housewives

***Also seen in archive footage in "Finishing the Hat", accounting for a 3rd appearance. Carlos' murder of his wife Gabrielle's evil stepfather and the cover-up by the housewives has far-reaching effects, as feelings of guilt begin to overcome everyone in different ways.

Hoping not to be outdone by Tom's new girlfriend, Lynette tries to construct a homemade Halloween costume for Penny, and Renee uses a little enticement to help spice up her first night of romance with Ben.

Recurring Guest Stars: Miguel Ferrer (Andre Zeller), Andrea Parker (Jane Carlson), Tony Plana (Alejandro Perez) (uncredited) Original air date: November 6, 2011 Written by: Jeff Greenstein Directed by: Jeff Greenstein Plot Synopsis: Bree is stunned when she learns who dug up the body of Gabrielle's stepfather.

Julie Benz is hot actress with gorgeous body measurements.

After using the murder of Gabrielle's stepfather as inspiration for her art school projects, Susan must find a way to graciously decline art school teacher Andre's invitation to display and sell her paintings at a gallery showing.

Julie was born May 1, 1972 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania into a family of a surgeon and figure ice skater. She’s known from countless TV shows but her most famous roles are Robin Gallagher from Desperate Housewives, Rita Bennett from Dexter, Mayor Amanda Rosewater from Defiance.

Originally, she followed her mothers path and competed on U. This last named series started in 2013 and continues in 2014.

Recurring Guest Stars: Michael Dempsey (Detective Murphy), Miguel Ferrer (Andre Zeller), Joy Lauren (Danielle Van de Kamp), Andrea Parker (Jane Carlson) Original air date: October 23, 2011 Written by: Dave Flebotte Directed by: Lonny Price Plot Synopsis: Susan is mortified but tries her best to comply when her art teacher, Andre Zeller, asks the students to show up to class in the nude in order to help them create from a point of honesty.