Start Mad max 2 castellano online dating

Mad max 2 castellano online dating

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very mild power exchange play/femdom, *very* vague reference to past tried to be a 5 times/1 time fic but I failed. thread=279234#cmt279234 This story is the result of mine falling in love with this Mad Max Kinkmeme prompt:'Modern AU setting. My take on this Mad Max Kinkmeme prompt:'Capable and Nux, being the kind friends they are, decide to play matchmaker and bring Slit and the Dag along for a double date. 1 if Dag and Slit fight like cats and dogs 1 Capable and Nux trying to keep the peace 1 Capable and Nux trying to still have a good time while Slit and Dag snipe at each other my heart if the date turns on its head, and Nux and Capable's make out session in the backseat is interrupted by their weird friends headbanging to metal music in the front seat my kingdom if Dag and Slit end up planning a second date Really, just go wild with how bad the date goes.' The apocalypse started deep in the Mojave Desert..lasted for four days.

Dag is super witchy and Slit is madly, stupidly in love with her. thread=709314#cmt709314 Baby's first kink meme fill! And...shockingly, a pairing that actually already has a tag!

*feels faint*Slit's an asshole, and he's ugly, so OF COURSE I wrote him some porn.

They basically seduce Slit before engaging in full on fem dom, face riding, hands tied to bed posts, biting ect everything you just know Slit would be down for.

Slit never calls them anything but their names from then on and gains his education through Dag and Toast's 'lessons'.

Then one day Nux shows the group this pic of what Slit used to look like before: is really embarrassed, but the pic changes the way one of Capable's friends view him.'Really, I was already fermenting something very like this in the darker recesses of my mind, and so when I saw this I knew it was meant to be. In essence, the above prompt but modified to allow me to explore communal healing and found family Mad Max: Fury Road modern AU style, starring Slit, the angriest baby lizard in all the land (he has good reason to be, though). I've never actually been to Wasteland Weekend so it's not at all accurate.

I just like watching videos from it and sense it's a tribute to Mad Max i thought why not.

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