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Nagaravaridhi naduvil njan online dating

This deepens our disappointment with the overall proceedings." film rated the film two stars from five and commented: " ...

To be frank, he actually owned the scene whenever he came on screen.

Palicha for Rediff gave a rating of two stars out of five and considered: ...

"When the film suggests that a common man can be coerced into becoming a contract killer to fulfill the dreams of his children, our credibility is stretched too far. "Innocent and Vijayaragavan are used as staple comedians.

This scenario inspires him to bring about a positive change, but was it even possible???

The amount of research that has gone into the script with regard to market dynamics deserves praise & kudos to Mohan Raja for it.

After losing their jobs, Dasen and Vijayan don't see any chances to get work in Kerala.

So they try to escape to the Middle East, but they end up in Tamil Nadu and where mistaken as 2 CIDs by a group of smuglers Ann Mariya, a jovial kid hires a goon, Gireesh due to an incident at school. The movie shows the life of Venu, who is a victim of treachery by his own family members.

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