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Pretty little liars 2x14 online dating

I think of it as two gods (Alison and Red Coat) fighting using Rosewood as the pieces.

Plus, Alli said that a perfect lie is always better than the truth and that sharing the truth with someone once ruined her life.

So if this visit wasn't just in Hanna's imagination then perhaps A-Team is against Allison.

Spencer then came back into the barn alone and told the others that Alison was gone, and claimed, falsely, since we know that Spencer followed Ali, that she had "looked everywhere for her." Spencer then adds "I think I heard her scream." Note that Spencer says all of this with a completely flat affect, almost as though she were experiencing some sort of emotional disconnect from what had happened.

Red Coat is behind most of shenanigans that the Liars have under gone, but the more favorable ones have been Alison using them for her larger game.

And as Paige's first appearance demonstrated, she's certainly not above being violent with somebody who has something she wants. ) Although they have denied following the books, they have been leaving a lot of hints about the twin storyline.

Alison had a "you've been blessed with twins" photo frame in her room, she told that story about one twin trying to kill the other, and guessed that A was Red Coat and was laughed at.

Way back in season one, when A sent them the video of Ali and Ian but cut it off at Ali gripping the ground, Hanna speculated that they were just hooking up, but the other liars immediately shot it down and decided that Ian had killed her. The writers could easily be using Hanna to make the truth sound ridiculous again.