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Studiu biblic pentecostal online dating

As someone who is extremely cautious, deciding to join an online dating website wasn’t easy.

In the last century, we’ve done away with (most) arranged marriages and we’re no longer gleaning any fields for our survival. Statically speaking, there are more singles now than there have ever been.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Disney has made a fortune off of the fantasy of princesses in love. How are they going to survive in that patriarchal society?

One day, while Ruth is gleaning in the fields, she meets the land owner Boaz.

If we take a look at the Bible, we’ll see that many marriages didn’t start out in the best way: For Jacob, it was lust a first sight.

David was willing to kill to get the girl (after lusting for her too).

As a single woman I’ve wondered, where are all the single, marriage-worthy men?

I’ve attended churches big and small, in a big city and a smaller one, yet still can’t seem to find a good man…at least not a single one.

I’ve asked this question on a couple of Facebook groups (including my own) and there was definitely a mixed response. If I were to rename this blog post, it would be titled At the time this verse was written, one way men found their wives was through their family members. The dream of finding true love has made it’s way into Christendom with the hopeful longing of finding a Boaz.