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We are dating now episode 5

This week, the guys have the roses, so prepare for a lackluster, unromantic march toward the rose ceremony.

There’s only been, like, might feel like, except everyone is 15 times more disengaged and awful.

You know that moment in your dating life when you look up and realize there is nothing out there? You’ve dated the guy who blew his nose no less than 14 times loudly in between bites of his burger.

You’ve dated the guy who lives in a pantry like a borrower.

(The latter is still conjecture but I’m leaning more towards incest than not here.) Episode 5 of to think it’s mainly about Archie, whom we find in a depressed post-Grundy state.

Rather than sulk privately, he overachieves publicly, throwing himself into everything in order to try and not focus on anything—but this burrito has too many ingredients and threatens to burst unless Archie can remove one (football, dating, friendship, hair dye, etc.) and salvage the integrity of the metaphorical tortilla. Archie’s is shockingly not the most pressing story line this week; rather, it’s all about the ridiculous Blossom family and their implosive internal tearing at the thousand-thread-count seams.

"So it's going to be condensed into an hour but it's going to be jam-packed full of all the great stuff…

You're not missing out, just tune in – you'll not regret it."E4 did acknowledge the bizarre schedule change ahead of Monday's episode actually airing, when the continuity announcer joked: " is on here next...

Blossom has banned Cheryl from speaking as she’s already humiliated the family with her overly public antics.