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Who is the mayor of los angeles dating site

The couple packed bags after the blaze in Ventura County broke out late Monday and destroyed dozens of homes.

"I told him he did everything he could and he did what he had to save our lives." San Diego County officials have ordered mandatory evacuations due to a fast-moving fire fanned by Santa Ana winds.

While the flames only directly endangered a sliver of the sprawling Los Angeles area, people across the city shared stories of loss as they went about their days beneath thick smoke and an orange haze.“We’re seeing this wind event now that is very very dangerous, very very critical,” California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services head Mark Ghilarducci told reporters. The hazard from those weather conditions “cannot be overemphasized,” Cal Fire head Ken Pimlott said, noting that responders were not just combatting the large blades but working to suppress “many” small fires before they could metastasize. She said her husband, Hugo Romero-Rodriguez, was wracked with guilt that he couldn't get inside to rescue anything — including their beloved little dog, Coqueta.

Residents are being ordered to evacuate a tiny beachfront community northwest of Los Angeles where a huge wildfire is churning down hillsides toward seaside homes. She was trapped in a crate inside when the vehicle erupted in flames.

“Until the wind stops blowing, there’s really not a lot we can do as far as controlling the perimeter, so our opportunities are hopefully going to come in tomorrow as the wind lets up,” Mr Lorenzen told the Having predicted potentially record-setting winds for Thursday, the National Weather Service said there was a "burst" of winds on Wednesday night but it subsided.

They said it appeared models may have "over forecast".

Pointing at the wall of flames across the street, he noted that the blaze was "coming back to burn what it didn't burn yesterday." Despite the encroaching fire and a lack of electricity in the area, Ruffner insisted he wouldn't leave again.

"I bought a generator yesterday so at least I can see on TV what's going on," he said.

Nonetheless, parts of Southern California still were buffeted by strong winds, including 88 mph in San Diego County and 85 mph in Ventura County, where the largest fire - the Thomas Fire - is burning.